LipLock 2g Minis x 5 (flavours may vary)


Membrane LIPLOCK x 5 2g minis

Membrane LIPLOCK is a very special formulation designed for the extremely sensitive tissue of the lips and, if needed, is appropriate for the similarly sensitive tissue of the areolas. Many artists fail to appreciate the complexity of the lips, as a tissue that is constantly broken down by saliva – saliva is the first step of digestion and reacts with tissue just as you would expect. Membrane LIPLOCK is 100% food grade and therefore perfectly safe to be ingested (as it will gradually be due to exposure), an important consideration for any products intended for application to the lips.

The major risks after a lip procedure are trauma, colour loss, cold sore outbreaks, bruising, and infection. The ingredients in Membrane LIPLOCK are specially selected to support the needs of lip tissue and to minimize the incidence or severity of these issues. These ingredients, brought together from around the world, are of the highest quality and in some cases very unique – some are only harvested once per year! A look at some of the ingredients:
• Raspberry seed oil is known to naturally have an SPF of 28, and possesses strong antioxidants that provide stress support as well as protection from the sun
• St. John’s Wort also provides support to stressed tissue and is a well-known herbal additive
• Lysine is instrumental in stopping or minimizing cold sore outbreaks
• Arnica reduces bruising and facilitates faster recovery of wounded tissue
• Vitamin C provides support to weakened tissue and is needed to create collagen

Containing no synthetic ingredients, Membrane LIPLOCK softens and hydrates the tissue while protecting it during healing, providing a clean breathable barrier. It is also used all year around to protect dry/chapped  lips and aids with the longevity of permanent makeup. 

Directions: Membrane 4LIPS should be applied 6 hours post-procedure. All wounds need this period to close and for tissue repair to naturally initiate. Use MicroTonic to cleanse and soothe the area, 2-3 times during the first 6 hours post-procedure and then each morning and night (twice per day) for the next 72 hours. After the first 6 hours, apply Membrane 4LIPS by placing a small (grain of rice sized) amount on a cotton swab and apply gently to the area of the micropigmentation procedure.