Browmasters Cordless PMU Machine





 5 x 1rl 0.3  & 5 x 3rl 0.25  Cartridges 

 Additional battery

We are excited to introduce the Browmasters Cordless permanent makeup machine. It's light weight and uses the latest advancement in cordless technology providing artists with state of the art mobility and handling allowing you to focus on what you do best and enjoying the process of creating your perfect work of art. Once you try our Browmasters Cordless Machine, I guarantee that you'll never go back to your old, wired machine again. You'll see for yourself exactly what all the buzz and excitement is about with the new Browmasters Machine. 

We know the desire to create the perfect brows, the flawless eye lines, and the vibrant, pouty lips.  There's nothing more satisfying than changing a client's life for the better -knowing that they'll smile each day with their newfound beauty.

Beauty that lasts forever.

That's why we are excited to introduce the Browmasters Permanent Make Up machine.  The Browmasters Cordless PMU Machine offers the latest cordless technology allowing artists to have state of the art mobility and handling. It's made to emulate the feel of a pen for ease in handling, control, and precision work, making it perfectly suited for beginners and advanced artists alike. It's built from lightweight aluminum alloy for feather light design without compromising durability. It's equipped by a powerful 7300rpm motor that provides consistent power output while producing very little noise, heat and vibrations allowing for precise technique.

The Browmasters Cordless PMU Machine is an innovation to the permanent makeup industry with its unrivalled, cordless technology and performance.  The Browmasters Cordless Machine excels in its performance, even beating many overpriced machines sold for thousands of pounds in the market today.  You will be pleasantly surprised just how good this cordless machine deposits ink. Try it today and see for yourself what all the buzz and excitement is about.